Due to the perishable nature of our product, we cannot offer any refunds or exchanges once an item is purchased. If you have an item you cannot feed for some reason, please feel free to email us for any tips or tricks on how to feed it or for some possible other uses for that product.


We cannot guarantee that orders will arrive fully frozen. We do our best to ensure that your order is packed with sufficient coolant for transit time. If your order arrives partially thawed or refrigerator temperature, you can simply place everything back in your freezer and let it freeze again. It is perfectly safe to re-freeze and will not affect the quality.


Our freezer pickup space is very limited and depends on orders being picked up at the scheduled time. If you cannot pickup your order at the originally scheduled time please contact us to arrange a different date. If you haven't arranged another pickup date we may need to remove your order to make room for other orders. Pickup orders that are not claimed within four days of the originally scheduled pickup date will be returned and a 4% restocking fee will be assessed.

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