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    Transitioning Your Dog to a Raw Diet

    Most dogs do better on a cold turkey switch rather than half kibble and half raw. Raw food is more quickly and easily digested than kibble. If you feed raw food and kibble at the same time, you may increase the amount of time the food is in the body, thus increasing the possibility of illness from microbes. If you want to transition more slowly, feed raw food for one meal and kibble for another. However, if your dog is older or has digestive issues, you may want to gradually introduce raw food into the current diet.

    Once the food has been thawed in the refrigerator, you can let it warm up to room temperature before feeding. Some dogs will throw up if they eat it too fast and it's too cold.

    Dogs may be hesitant at first with raw meaty bones if they haven’t ever eaten them before. Your dog may sniff at it or lick it for a while and not know quite what to do. If raw meaty bones are new for your dog, you'll want to watch the first few times to make sure your dog is chewing it and not trying to swallow it whole. You can try holding it for them until they figure out how to chew bones like their jaws were intended to do. Eating them slowly is fine. If possible, it's best to feed RMBs outside. They can be messy and dogs like to try to take them somewhere else in the house. Like your couch 😯