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Transitioning Your Dog to a Raw Diet

If your dog is currently eating kibble, gradually transitioning will decrease the likelihood of digestive issues. Start slowly by replacing 10% of your dog's current food for several meals, gradually increasing the amount of raw until it's all raw. Keep increasing the amount of raw if your dog has firm, solid stools.

Once the food has been thawed in the refrigerator, you can let it warm up to room temperature before feeding. Some dogs will throw up if they eat it too fast or if the food is too cold. Learn more about defrosting and storage.

Dogs may be hesitant at first with raw meaty bones if they haven’t ever eaten them before. Your dog may sniff at it or lick it for a while and not know quite what to do. If raw meaty bones are new for your dog, you'll want to watch the first few times to make sure your dog is chewing it and not trying to swallow it whole. You can try holding it for them until they figure out how to chew bones like their jaws were intended to do. Eating them slowly is fine. If possible, it's best to feed RMBs outside. They can be messy and dogs like to try to take them somewhere else in the house. Like your couch 😯

In the beginning you may see stools that are loose, odd or not happening. This is completely normal and natural when switching to a raw diet. You may see some soft, badly formed, oddly textured and/or oddly colored stool, sometimes with mucus. Dogs sometimes have trouble digesting raw food properly after being on highly processed commercial food and it takes a while for everything to start working properly. It is not unusual to have a day or two without a bowel movement. Once the digestive system has adapted, you will see stool that is firm, small, essentially odorless and quick to dry out and decompose.

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Providing proper nutrition when feeding a growing puppy is very important to ensure they grow as healthy as possible.

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