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ūüď¶ Bulk Boxes Now Available - Free Delivery*
ūüď¶ Bulk Boxes Now Available - Free Delivery*


  • Goat Milk

    $ 19.00

    One 64 oz container frozen of raw goat milk. Ingredients 100% raw goat milk. Benefits Sourced from local GA farm, The Capra Gia Chees...

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  • Chicken Back

    from $ 2.10

    Price per package. Ingredients Chicken backs weigh approximately 8 oz each. Chicken Back kilocalories per ounce: 58 (464 kcals per chicken ba...

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  • Duck Wings

    $ 4.70

    Ingredients Duck wings weigh approximately 4 oz each. 2 per bag. Kilocalories per ounce: 38. Benefits 100% human-grade duck from US fa...

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  • Turkey Wing

    $ 3.70

    Ingredients One 11 oz turkey wing. Kilocalories per ounce: 52. Kilocalories per wing: 572. Benefits Human-grade turkey from US farms. ...

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  • Sardines

    $ 6.45

    Price per package. Ingredients Whole sardines, wild caught in the Atlantic Ocean. 7 oz contains 2 - 3 sardines, averaging 7 oz total. (Sardin...

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  • Beef Heart

    $ 6.60

    Ingredients Beef heart Benefits 100% human-grade beef heart Heart contains high levels of B vitamins and minerals. Lean muscle meat, w...

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  • Beef Kidney

    $ 4.80

    Ingredients Beef kidney Benefits 100% human-grade beef kidney Kidney contains concentrated levels of selenium. Provides a wide variety...

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  • Pig Feet

    $ 6.80

    Ingredients Pig feet (3 split feet per bag) averaging 1.5 lb total. Benefits A delicious meaty treat that supports the health of your ...

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  • Lamb Kidney

    $ 11.50

    Ingredients Lamb kidney Benefits 100% human-grade lamb kidney Grass fed and pasture raised in Australia. Kidney contains concentrated ...

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  • Sale

    Lamb Heart

    Original Price $ 10.00
    Current Price $ 8.00

    Ingredients Lamb heart Benefits 100% human-grade lamb heart Grass fed and pasture raised in Australia. Provides a wide variety of B vi...

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  • Lamb Liver

    $ 8.00

    Ingredients Lamb liver Benefits 100% human-grade lamb liver Grass fed and pasture raised in Australia. Liver is nature’s most abundant...

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