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    - Free Shipping

    - 20 lbs of food

    Black dog looking at raw dog food.
    Black dog looking at raw dog food.

    Feed real, feed raw

    Fresh raw food is real food for cats and dogs. Feed them the way nature intended with fresh whole foods in a species appropriate diet. Actual whole food. Human grade, made fresh weekly in small batches. Fresh and never processed. No fillers, preservatives or grains.

    Complete and balanced for all life stages.

    USDA-certified proteins & fresh produce.

    No high-pressure or temperature processing.

    No preservatives, fillers, or by-products.

    Human-grade and exceeding AAFCO standards ‘Complete & Balanced.’

    Pitbull sitting waiting for Rebel Raw dog food.

    We make it easy

    We make it convenient and easy to feed your dog or cat a natural, raw diet. We offer pre-portioned, complete and balanced meal plans. Order online and have meals delivered to your door. See your pets thrive, just as ours have.

    The value of quality


    Premium quality. Human grade. Locally sourced.

    Weekly Plans

    Easy to feed weekly plans.

    Small Batch

    Experience hand‑crafted food. Made with love in Atlanta.


    It's so easy. Just thaw and feed.

    Life changing results

    Our story

    Our mission is simple: We created Rebel Raw—our website, our delivery service, and our high-quality products—to make it easy to feed your dog or cat real food. We want your pets to thrive, just as ours have. 

    Founders of Rebel Raw dog and cat food- Matt and Tina


    Still have questions? Explore our frequently asked questions for everything you need to know about feeding Rebel Raw to your pet.