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Our mission at Rebel Raw is simple: to make feeding real food to dogs and cats as easy as possible. We created Rebel Raw — our website and our high-quality food — because we've seen firsthand how much our furbabies thrive on a diet of real, wholesome ingredients.

As a member of the Rebel Raw Partners Program, you're not just promoting a product; you're championing a cause. You help us extend this opportunity for health and vitality to pets everywhere. Each partner is an essential part of our community, inspiring pet owners to transform the lives of their dogs and cats. We are committed to supporting you every step of the way, starting with personalized onboarding to fully equip you to share our mission.

Our ideal partners

Passionate dog and cat advocates: Whether you're involved in rescue operations, dog walking, training, breeding, holistic pet care, or content creation, we welcome you to join our community.

Rebel Raw enthusiasts: We encourage you to try our high-quality food first—experience why your pets will thrive on it. Feel free to start your journey with our products and reach out when you’re as passionate about them as we are!

Community influencers with a love for nutrition: If you’re passionate about sharing the benefits of a real, nutritious diet within your network, let’s spread the word together and help more pets achieve optimal health!

If you're a customer eager to share Rebel Raw with your friends and family, be sure to explore our Club Rebel Referral Program. Our Partners Program is tailored for those in the pet industry who have broader communities to engage with!

Make it your own

You’ll receive your own referral code when you've been accepted to the program. In addition to the code itself, you can create your own, customized page to share your referral code with your community. Add your own Rebel Raw pictures, videos and testimonials that you want to share. Be creative! Then share across social media, email or in person.