Premium ingredients

High quality from the start

At Rebel Raw, we believe cats and dogs should eat real food. Real food does not look like over cooked, hard dry pellets that do not even resemble food. Real food looks, smells and tastes like the same food we eat. It comes from the same sources that supply food for restaurants and grocery stores.

We started making real food at home for our cats and dogs and it became abundantly clear that what is sold as pet food, is barely food at all. Thatā€™s how it all began. Soon it became our mission to make feeding high quality, human grade food easy so that more cats and dogs can eat real food and live healthier and happier lives.

All of our ingredients are USDA certified, human grade and human tested, sourced from restaurant suppliers, local farms, and other human food purveyors. Using only high quality ingredients is very important to us. We feed ourĀ cats and dogs out of every batch and we treat every batch like the homemade food we started making for our own animals over a decade ago.

Whenever possible, we use local and organic products. We use US sources for almost everything, with a few exceptions (our venison from New Zealand and rabbit from Hungary).Ā While it would be nice to use 100% organic everything, it would be unaffordable for most people and itā€™s important to us that we keep real food for cats and dogs affordable. Our meals are made with fresh, whole foods and we never use any cheap fillers, like potatoes or peas.

Sourcing information:

All of our meals are made with 100% human grade, restaurant quality, USDA certified, meat, poultry, seafood and produce. We are constantly curating ingredient sources to find the best possible quality coupled with affordability. Listed below are our primary sources, which may occasionally vary depending on availability.

We are proud to serve chicken from the prestigious Springer Mountain Farms, an exceptional and local Georgia chicken supplier. They are American Humane Certifiedā„¢ and never use steroids, hormones or antibiotics. In fact, Springer Mountain Farms employs standards above and beyond what is required to be labeled "Organic." Their chickens are fed a pesticide free, vegetarian diet of corn and soybean without the use of antibiotics, growth stimulants or hormones, or animal by-products. 100% of the corn and soybean is grown in the US.

The standards for organic production allow the use of antibiotics the first days of life, allow the use of animal by-products, do not address food safety or animal treatment, and do not require testing of soil, water, and feed. Springer Mountain Farms believes all the above are essential in providing the safest and highest quality product available that's why they set themselves above organic. They have an on-site laboratory to test soil, water, and feed for contaminants and pesticides. They also go one step further by testing each and every load of chicken before it leaves the facility as a final step to ensure its freshness and safety.

Most of our beef is Angus Beef and/or organic, grass-fed and spend their lives on pasture eating grass. All beef is raised by farmers and ranchers who are passionate about bringing safe and wholesome beef to the table and committed to humane handling. Our beef is sourced from US Farms and raised with no antibiotics, steroids or hormones. Angus Beef standards are more stringent than USDA Select, Choice and Prime grades and produces a higher quality meat than Prime.

Our turkeys are sourced from US farmsĀ and raised with no antibiotics, steroidsĀ orĀ hormones with preference given toĀ farms who employ humane raising practices.

Our pork is sourced from US farmsĀ and raised with no antibiotics, steroidsĀ orĀ hormones. Most of our pork is Duroc breed pork, which is known for its superior quality. Duroc pork is the result of a carefully managed pork breeding program, managed and perfected by a family farm. Hogs are bred, born and raised on small farms where family members are involved in the day-to-day management.

Our duck is procured from American Humane Certifiedā„¢ farms. No hormones, steroids or antibiotics are used. The ducksĀ are raised on family owned US farms, in quiet, spacious barns where they have room to roam about and have access to fresh water and feed. The duck feedĀ doesĀ notĀ contain any antibiotics, growth hormones, or RUPPs (Restricted Use Protein Products) like meat and bone meal.

Our rabbits are locally sourced from US farms and Hungary and are hormone, steroid and antibiotic free.

Our lamb is grass fed and pasture raised in Australia. They are 100% free-range and humane raising is traditional and customary in Australia. Lambs freely graze on open pastures, enjoying a variety of grasses as nature intended.Ā They are never administered growth hormones or animal bi-products.Ā Antibiotic use is strictly regulated and only allowed to treat illness which rarely occurs, never given preventatively or as a growth stimulant.

Our all natural venison comes from family farms in New Zealand and are pasture raised on natural grasses. They areĀ raised without the use of hormones or antibiotic growth promotants.

We use a combination of farm raised Canadian and Chilean salmon. All salmon is frozen per FDA guidelines to kill parasites.

We use NOWĀ® Organic Kelp, certified Organic and a trusted source for iodine. It's important to us to only use high quality, lab tested, human grade supplements. Iodine content in kelp varies greatly and using a non-reliable source can negatively impact the thyroid.