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About Us


Founders of Rebel Raw - Matt and Tina

We are Matt and Tina, a husband and wife team, and the proud pet parents of Victory and Lana, our sweet pit bull rescues, and our cats, Sookie, Paper, Esso, and Porter (yes, that's two dogs and four cats.) We live with our adopted furry children in the beautiful Grant Park neighborhood of Atlanta. 

As health conscious individuals, we’ve always been mindful of the food we eat. We try to eat local, whole foods that are as fresh as possible. Many years ago it occurred to us that our cats, who are family to us, also deserved fresh, healthy, natural food. We realized that if our cats were in the wild and had a choice, they would be eating freshly caught prey and would never in their lifetimes eat the dry, processed foods we had been feeding them. 

Until then, we had been buying what we thought was the very best dry food on the market: The kind that had meat as the first ingredient, and contained as few byproducts or other evil-sounding ingredients as possible. When we researched raw diets, it just made sense to us to try feeding our cats some of the commercially available raw, frozen foods. After a few weeks on their new diet, we saw noticeable differences in our cats’ fur, breath, activity level, and poops - what a pleasant surprise! Their fur had become softer and shinier, their breath smelled great, they were more active and playful, and the litter box had tiny, odorless stool. Additionally, their weights stabilized to the healthy 10 pounds our vet had recommended. 

When we adopted our dog Victory—from the amazing Friends to the Forlorn rescue organization—we knew we wanted to start her on raw food right away. We get compliments all the time on how shiny and soft her coat is and how her breath doesn’t stink. And we definitely appreciate the small poops that disintegrate nicely in the yard, both for our convenience and the proof of digestibility and absorption. Her teeth are strong, white, and clean, and we look forward to never having to take her to the vet for teeth cleaning. We also anticipate a much lower likelihood of her suffering from some of the common ailments and illnesses linked to the high grain and carbohydrate content of processed commercial dog food, especially cancer.

With the addition of Victory to our family, buying frozen raw food was becoming quite expensive, and was incredibly inconvenient. (And honestly, some of them were very messy. If you’ve ever bought those whole chubs of meat, you know what we’re talking about.) We decided it was worth the investment to buy a meat grinder so we could make our own pet food using fresh, local meats and vegetables. We heeded veterinary advice, researched nutritional guidelines, and learned more about nutrient bioavailability than we ever thought possible. Then we started creating homemade raw meals for our animals. Soon, we were also preparing raw food for some of our friends' animals, and they were loving it too. After procuring Department of Agriculture pet food approval, an animal feed license, and lab analysis—to ensure our products are safe and nutritious—Rebel Raw was born. 

What sets us apart is our guiding principle of providing exceptional customer experiences. It's important to us to provide personalized service and make everything easy for our customers. We're also proud to pay a living wage to our employees and support many local animal related charities.

Our mission is simple: We created Rebel Raw—our website, our delivery service, and our high-quality products—to make it easy to feed your dog or cat real food. We want your pets to thrive, just as ours have.

You can find out more on our Why Rebel Raw page.

Thanks for checking us out,

Tina and Matt Lunalover
Founders of Rebel Raw

Est. 2014