Our story

Our mission is simple: We created Rebel Raw — our website, and our high-quality food — to make it easy to feed your dog or cat real food. We want your pets to thrive, just as ours have.

We're Matt and Tina, the heart and soul behind Rebel Raw. Our passion project took flight in 2014, when we became obsessed with understanding what was actually in our cats' and dogs’ food. The switch to a raw diet brought about unbelievable health improvements, lighting a fire in us to spread the word about raw food magic and transform the pet food landscape.

Navigating the world of raw pet food was initially overwhelming and the options were underwhelming. It wasn’t easy to feed raw food. Figuring out the right amount to feed and portioning out food was messy and time consuming. These frustrations motivated us to take things into our own hands, quite literally. We started creating raw food meals from scratch, turning our kitchen into a mini-laboratory. This wasn’t just about feeding our fur babies; we were also picturing the perfect customer experience.

After years of dedication, we evolved from a home-based operation to a fully-equipped commercial human food kitchen in Atlanta, giving life to Rebel Raw. For us, it's more than just selling food. We aim to offer a transformative experience for cats, dogs, and their humans. Additionally, we're advocating for a paradigm shift in the pet food industry towards feeding real food. As the Head Rebels, we're dedicated to challenging and improving industry standards for the greater good.

What sets us apart? We're all about providing an exceptional experience. Our focus is to simplify the raw food feeding process, ensuring more cats and dogs lead healthier lives. We offer Weekly Plans tailored to your pet's weight, eliminating the need for any portioning, measuring, or mess. Plus, with a variety of portion sizes ranging from 6 oz to 32 oz, feeding raw has never been easier or more convenient. On the human side of things, we’re proud to offer our team above living wages and 100% paid health insurance. We're also deeply committed to supporting local animal charities. We go the extra mile in every way — just like you do for your furry family members.

Tina and Matt Lunalover
Founders of Rebel Raw

Est. 2014