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    Welcome to Rebel Raw

    Welcome to the Rebel Raw family! We're so happy you've joined the raw food rebels who know that cats and dogs are family and deserve to eat real food and be healthy.

    Deliveries will arrive on your selected date, during your selected time slot (5am - 8am or 1pm - 3pm). We will leave your order at your front door. Feel free to leave a cooler by your door if you would like your food placed inside of it.

    For pickups, the address is 448 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd SW Suite #6 Atlanta, GA 30312. We’re located in The Railyard complex in the Mechanicsville neighborhood. Once you pull into the complex, turn right and drive to the end where you’ll see a #6 painted on the wall. Park anywhere and come up the steps on the right side of the patio that’s to the right of the #6. Walk through the doors on the left and you’ll see the pickup area. Grab your order from the pickup freezer that has your pickup day on it. This is a contactless pickup and masks are required to enter.

    Shipping orders ship out on Mondays only. Your order will be shipped on the date you selected. You'll receive tracking information when your order ships.

    We would love to learn more about your pets. What are their names? Are they already on a raw diet or are you transitioning to raw? We know it can be daunting when starting a raw diet so here are some quick tips to help you get started:

    Place 2 days worth of food in the refrigerator right away so you can begin 2 days after that. Then simply move 2 days worth of food to the refrigerator every other day so you always have a thawed portion that’s ready to feed. For optimal freshness and safety, your refrigerator should be 40 degrees or below and thawed raw meat should be consumed within 3 days.

    Most dogs will readily eat refrigerator temperature food. If anything is not eaten after 45 minutes, put it back in the refrigerator for later. Some dogs will throw up if they eat it too fast and it's too cold so you may want to allow it to warm up a bit or you can add some hot water if that happens.

    Dogs may be hesitant at first with raw meaty bones if they haven’t ever eaten them before. Your dog may sniff at it for a while and not know quite what to do. Eating them slowly is fine. If possible, it's best to feed RMBs outside. They can be messy and dogs like to try to take them somewhere else in the house. Like your couch ; )

    In the beginning you may see stools that are loose, odd or not happening. This is completely normal and natural when switching to a raw diet. You may see some soft, badly formed, oddly textured and/or oddly colored stool, sometimes with mucus. Dogs sometimes have trouble digesting raw food properly after being on highly processed commercial food and it takes a while for everything to start working properly. It is not unusual to have a day or two without a bowel movement. Once the digestive system has adapted, you will see stool that is firm, small, essentially odorless and quick to dry out and decompose.

    For cats, if you're transitioning them to raw food, it can take a little bit of time for them to get used to it. Some cats and most kittens will eat it right away without any hesitation. If they're eating dry kibble now, you may need to switch them to wet food first. Then you can mix the raw in with the wet and keep increasing the percentage of raw until it's all raw. Cats tend to prefer it room temperature and may wait until it’s warmed up a bit to eat it. It can take a few weeks and a lot of patience.

    Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

    Thanks and cheers to real food!

    Tina and Matt