Chicken Jerky
Chicken Jerky

Chicken Jerky

Chicken Jerky

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Cue the happy dance and whisker twitches! More than a treat; it's a standing ovation in every bite. Cats and dogs savor it like the last episode of their favorite fur-drama—will they get another piece or won't they? Spoiler: With flavor this cluckin' good, the encore is guaranteed!

Ingredient: Springer Mountain Farms chicken breast.

  • Our single ingredient treat contains only USDA, 100% premium dehydrated chicken breast from Springer Mountain Farms. Free from fillers, additives, salts, sugars, dyes or preservatives. Your pets will love these treats hand crafted in Atlanta. These jerky pieces have a slight crunch and can easily be broken into pieces for smaller mouths and training.
  • Slowly dehydrated in small batches.
  • Made from thinly sliced hand cut chicken breast.
  • Easy to break into smaller pieces and easy to chew.

Springer Mountain Farms chicken breast.

Our treats have no preservatives so be sure to keep sealed in an airtight bag or container and store in a cool, dry place or the refrigerator. Once opened, consume within a week.

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