Rabbit Grind

Rabbit Grind

Rabbit Grind

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It’s like capturing that elusive bunny in your backyard dreams. Made entirely of rabbit, it's a leap into flavor so thrilling, it makes both cats and dogs thump their feet in delight. Perfect for the pet who wishes they had a field of their own to frolic in. Not just dinner; it's a 'hare-raising' adventure in every bite!

Ingredients: Rabbit (including bone, liver).

Rabbit Grind kilocalories per ounce: 30

Rabbit (including bone, liver).

Rabbit Grind kilocalories per ounce: 30

100% Human-Grade Rabbit: Sourced from high-quality, human-grade rabbit, this grind offers a novel protein source that's excellent for cats and dogs with allergies to more common meats.

Whole Rabbit Composition: Includes rabbit meat and bone, providing a balanced calcium-to-phosphorus ratio to support bone health, joint function, and dental hygiene.

Rich in Protein, Low in Fat: Rabbit meat is renowned for its high protein content and low-fat profile, making it ideal for weight management and maintaining lean muscle mass.

Liver for Nutrient Density: Rabbit liver is a nutrient powerhouse, rich in vitamin A for vision support, iron for energy, and various B vitamins for metabolic health.

Hypoallergenic Option: An excellent protein choice for pets with sensitivities, rabbit is less likely to provoke allergic reactions compared to common proteins like beef or chicken.

Promotes Lean Body Mass: The lean nature of rabbit meat helps in maintaining optimal body weight, thus contributing to overall health and longevity.

Supports a Healthy Digestive System: Rabbit meat is known for being a "cooling" protein, which can be beneficial for cats and dogs with gastrointestinal issues, promoting a healthy and regular digestive process.

Supplemental Feeding: Not a complete and balanced meal. Additional vitamins and nutrients must be added to meet AAFCO recommendations.

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