Goat Colostrum

Goat Colostrum

Goat Colostrum

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It's the first sip that packs a punch! Consider it the VIP elixir for their immune system. From the first slurp, they'll be bouncing and purring like they've got backstage passes to the health-and-wellness gig of a lifetime.

  • Sourced from local GA farm, The Capra Gia Cheese Company.
  • Antibiotic, vaccine and hormone free, goats fed through rotational grazing and fed only locally grown hay.
  • Colostrum is the “high octane” milk produced by mammals during the periparturient period of pregnancy. It is the powerhouse of nutritional ammunition designed to get a newborn through the critical first few days of life.
  • Powerful benefits for puppies, kittens and healthy adults as research shows it stimulates growth of intestinal cells, strengthens the gut wall, and reduces the permeability in the intestines.
  • Colostrum delivers a source of key factors that work to support natural stamina, endurance and normal recovery.
  • Colostrum is gathered only after the needs of the newborn is met. Mothers make a surplus of colostrum, roughly 6 gallons in the first 24 hours alone. After that, the concentration of antibodies and other factors tapers off quickly to the levels found in regular or ‘mature’ milk.
  • Sourced raw milk is perfectly fine and safe to feed. In fact, it's more beneficial to your pet's health as this means there's a higher level of beneficial bacteria (probiotics) that have initiated the fermentation or clabbering of the milk.
  • Not for human consumption. This product has not been pasteurized and may contain harmful bacteria.

100% raw goat colostrum from the first milking.

Store in the freezer prior to use. Bottles should be placed in the refrigerator to defrost 24 hours prior to using. Milk will settle between uses and may separate. Shake vigorously prior to feeding. Use within 1 week after being thawed. 

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