Chicken Back

Chicken Back

Contains: 8 oz

Chicken Back

Contains: 8 oz
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Backyard BBQ vibes in bone form! These meaty morsels are the ultimate chew-toy-turned-snack. It's like giving your pup the drumstick at a family cookout, but way meatier. A doggone delicious way to add some crunch to your pup's day!

  • Chicken backs weigh approximately 8 oz each.

Chicken back.

Chicken Back kilocalories per ounce: 58 (464 kcals per chicken back).

100% Human-Grade Quality: Springer Mountain Farms chicken, considered above organic, American Humane Certified, known for premium quality, taste, and ethical farming practices.

Natural Dental Health: Chewing on chicken backs helps in reducing plaque and tartar buildup, promoting dental hygiene and fresher breath for your dog.

Rich in Nutrients: Chicken backs are a natural source of protein, essential amino acids, and minerals such as calcium and phosphorus, supporting overall health.

Joint and Bone Support: The cartilage and bone marrow found in chicken backs are excellent for joint health, providing natural glucosamine and chondroitin.

High-Quality Protein: Chicken backs offer a robust protein boost for muscle maintenance and repair, perfect for dogs of all activity levels.

Single-Ingredient Goodness: With no additives or fillers, chicken backs are a wholesome choice for a natural, unprocessed addition to your dog's diet.

Mental Stimulation: The process of breaking down chicken backs provides mental stimulation, keeping your dog engaged and content.

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