Rabbit Grind Bulk Box
Rabbit Grind Bulk Box

Rabbit Grind Bulk Box

Rabbit Grind Bulk Box

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20 x 16 oz Rabbit Grind

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The ultimate hopportunity for your pup or cat! Imagine your furball bounding through fields in hot pursuit of flavor, diving into a rabbit hole of scrumptiousness. This 20 lb box is so jam-packed with taste, it's practically bursting with bunny vibes. Perfect for the mischievous types who are always hopping into trouble. Not just dinner; it's an adventure in a box.

Contains 20 pounds of single ingredient food. 20 x 16 oz Rabbit Grind

Rabbit Grind: Rabbit (including bone, liver).

Rabbit Grind kilocalories per ounce: 30

High-Quality Protein Source: Our Rabbit Grind bulk box provides a bountiful supply of rabbit meat, offering a lean, high-quality protein that's easily digestible and perfect for cats and dogs with sensitive stomachs or those on a novel protein diet.

Rich in Protein, Low in Fat: Rabbit meat is renowned for its high protein content and low-fat profile, making it ideal for weight management and maintaining lean muscle mass.

100% Human-Grade Assurance: Made from human grade rabbit, ensuring premium quality and safety for your pet's meals.

Rich in Essential Nutrients: Rabbit meat is not only high in protein but also a great source of vitamins and minerals like B12, phosphorus, and selenium, supporting your dog's overall health.

Single-Protein Meal Option: Perfect for elimination diets or allergy management, our Rabbit Grind is a single-protein product, reducing the risk of allergic reactions and food sensitivities.

No Fillers or Additives: We commit to providing meals free from fillers, grains, artificial flavors, or preservatives, offering your cat or dog a wholesome and natural diet.

Versatile Meal Base: Rabbit Grind serves as an excellent base for a custom meal plan; mix in your dog's favorite veggies or supplements to tailor their diet to their specific nutritional needs.

Supports a Healthy Digestive System: Rabbit meat is known for being a "cooling" protein, which can be beneficial for cats and dogs with gastrointestinal issues, promoting a healthy and regular digestive process.

Sustainable and Recyclable Packaging: Emphasizing our dedication to environmental stewardship, our Bulk Box features fully recyclable packaging, from the box to the insulated liners. Meticulously designed for minimal ecological footprint, our packaging ensures our food's freshness and quality during several days of shipping and also supports your eco-friendly lifestyle by being completely recyclable.

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