Making Raw Food Easy with Rebel Raw: Featured on Thriving Dog

Dec 23, 2019

When it comes to trying raw feeding 🥘 what’s holding you back?

I mean, we’ve heard of the benefits ✅ and we want to be good pet parents 🐶 right?


So what is it?

Okay, time to get real! 💯 Well… it’s kinda messy. I wouldn’t even know where to start. 🤯 Then there’s the issues of balancing. ⚖️ And is it even safe?

Glad you asked! And lucky for you 🍀 we have Matt and Tina Lunalover, founders of Rebel Raw, on the show today 🎙 to answer all your raw feeding questions.

Matt and Tina founded Rebel Raw to make raw feeding easy. From pre-portioned meals to amazing customer service, Rebel Raw was created with the pet parent in mind.

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