Rebel Raw is available!

Mar 21, 2020


Our hearts go out to everyone right now. Our parents own a local restaurant so we know the financial desperation many are going through and as a small business we know we will be adversely affected.

We are lucky so far in that we are not a public facing business so we’ve been very fortunate and we are extremely grateful that we’ve been able to continue operating as normal. Since we procure our meats and produce through restaurant suppliers (who unfortunately are not selling much to restaurants right now) our supply chain has not been impacted.

We know cats and dogs are family and we will keep making the food that keeps them happy and healthy. We truly appreciate all the support you’ve given us and all of the local businesses who are struggling right now. Thank you!!⁣ ♥️🐱🐶With love, gratitude, hope and strength — Rebel Raw