Real Food Always Wins

Jan 23, 2020
“One of these is your product, and the other is store bought, vet recommended, FDA approved.⁣ Which one would you choose based on appearance? The store stuff smelled awful. Is was stronger than canned food. The kittens licked at it a little and then tried to cover it up. They refused to eat it. Yeah, we apologized and got them some wet food to get us through the rest of the week.⁣⁣
⁣They love your product. My wife and I are quite impressed with the difference in quality. We’re hooked! 😁 Just wanted to let you guys know how excited we (and the kittens) continue to be about your product!⁣ We’ve all gotten into a routine now, and they absolutely try to climb our legs when it’s feeding time! To say that your product is a hit would be a gross understatement! 😁