Puppies Need Real Real Food

Mar 5, 2019

Puppies can and should eat raw food. That's how momma would raise them. Give your dog a healthy start on life by feeding real food. Nutrients are most bio-available to dogs when food is in raw form. You can't argue with Mother Nature. 

Puppies, kittens, cats and dogs should all eat real food. Real food does not look like over cooked, hard dry pellets that do not even resemble food. Real food looks, smells and tastes like the same food we eat. It comes from the same sources that supply the food in restaurants and grocery stores. We started making real food at home for our cats and dog and it became abundantly clear that what is sold as pet food, is barely food at all. That’s how it all began. Soon it became our mission to make feeding high quality, human grade food easy so that more cats and dogs can eat real food and live healthier and happier lives.
All of our ingredients are human grade and human tested, sourced from restaurant suppliers, local farms, and other human food purveyors. Using only high quality ingredients is very important to us. We feed our pets out of every batch and we treat each batch like the homemade food we started making for our own animals years ago.
Whenever possible, we use local and organic products. We use US sources for almost everything, with a few exceptions (our lamb is from Australia and our venison is from New Zealand). While it would be nice to use 100% organic everything, it would be unaffordable for most people and it’s important to us that we make food everyone can afford. Our meals are made with fresh, whole foods and we never use any cheap fillers, like potatoes.