Organs ā€” Nutrient Power Packs

Sep 27, 2021

Organs provide a powerful nutrient boost to any meal šŸ”„. Adding organs to your cat's or dog's meals is the perfect way to kick up vitamins and nutrients šŸ’Æ. We recommend adding a different organ pack each week for the full spectrum of nutritional benefits šŸ’„. ā£

āœ® Lamb Heart āœ®ā£

ā£āœ® Lamb Liver āœ®ā£

ā£āœ® Lamb Kidney āœ®ā£

ā£ā—Ž Beef Heart ā—Žā£

ā£ā—Ž Beef Liver ā—Žā£

ā£ā—Ž Beef Kidney ā—Žā£

ā£āž¢ Chicken Heart āž¢ā£

ā£āž¢ Chicken Liver āž¢