It's Summer Time

Jul 13, 2022

🌼 We hope everyone can experience the abundance and joy that comes with summer. Take a lesson from cats and dogs — run and yell wildly with abandon and swim naked whenever you can! 🐱🐶

☀️ It's hot out there... please make sure afternoon deliveries get inside quickly or leave a cooler out. Let us know if you're leaving a cooler out and we'll pass that info along to our delivery service.

🍖  Weekly meal plans and more proteins now available for most dog and cat sizes!  We make it easy to get the right amount of food. Choose the protein, select your dog's or cat's weight, and order a week's worth of food portioned out into daily amounts. Simply feed one bag per day. Some plans have changed slightly as we've standardized sizes and caloric content.

🕺🏻 New and improved subscription system! Now you can easily edit orders and add items to an existing subscription as a one time purchase.