Help them flourish and thrive

Jul 13, 2022

NOW® Pets supplements are now available!! We only trust the highest quality products and these supplements are the very best. They’re made with the same raw materials used in their human supplements and are non-GMO. Formulated by renowned veterinarian Dr. Barbara Royal, DVM, CVA, founder of The Royal Treatment Veterinary Center. ⁣

Joint Support⁣
⁣Many cats and dogs experience joint flexibility and mobility issues as they age due to normal daily exercise and activity. Complement a healthy raw diet with supplements to help alleviate occasional discomfort associated with routine daily activity.⁣

Relaxant⁣ formulated to promote relaxation and contentment during changes to your pet's daily routine, which can include separation, travel, motion sickness and/or tension. ⁣

Allergy⁣ contains natural botanicals that may help to maintain normal histamine levels. ⁣

➤ Immune Support supports immune system and resistance to pathogens, enhances liver and kidney function.

➤ Kidney Support supports normal function and health of the kidneys and helps enhance renal function.

➤ L-Lysine supports a healthy immune system, normal respiratory health and maintains ocular health in cats.