Before and After- 8 Weeks on Rebel Raw

Sep 17, 2020

"This is our 14 year old rescue Flossie before and after just 8 weeks on a Rebel Raw diet! ⁣These pics don't lie.

We have a senior dog who developed severe allergies late in life, and we. tried. EVERYTHING! She was constantly on antibiotics and steroids and we just couldn’t get it under control. She was losing weight, losing hair, chewing on herself 24/7, and there were nights where we literally had to carry her down the 2 steps into the back yard to use the bathroom... we thought we were going to start making end of life plans for her - and then a friend told us about Rebel Raw. ⁣

It only took about two weeks on a raw food diet for us to start seeing a change, and now - 2 months later - she’s like a whole new dog! She’s gaining weight again, has tons more energy, and even begs to go on walks again!!! The difference that changing her to Rebel Raw has made is absolutely incredible, and we’ll never go back to kibble again! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!⁣"  - Suzanne

Flossie before Rebel Raw:

4 weeks after starting a Rebel Raw diet:

8 weeks: