Urinary Support Chewable Tablets

Urinary Support Chewable Tablets

Urinary Support Chewable Tablets

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The backstage pass to a purr-fectly harmonious urinary tract! This showstopper not only keeps that pH as balanced as a tightrope walker, but it also shimmies away those pesky crystals. Bonus? It's like a detox spa day for your pet's kidneys. So go ahead, cue the confetti and let your pet pee like the rockstar they are!

NOW® Pets Urinary Support is formulated to help maintain normal urinary pH, which may help reduce the occurrence of urinary crystal formation. It also helps to maintain normal urinary tract function and may help to support normal kidney detoxification processes. Contains 90 Chewables.

Corn Silk, Cranberry Powder, Uva Ursi Extract, Red Raspberry Leaf, Marshmallow Root, Juniper Berries


Store in a cool dry place.


Up to 20 lbs. ½ tablet twice daily

21 to 40 lbs. 1 tablet twice daily

41 to 80 lbs. 2 tablets twice daily

Over 81 lbs. 3 tablets twice daily

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