Weekly Plans for cats


Meal time made easy!

Say goodbye to the hassle of meal prep! Our pre-measured weekly plans are designed with your cat's weight in mind, providing seven individually packed frozen packs—one for each day. Just thaw and serve; it’s as easy as that.

Pawsitively perfect options

Browse through our Weekly Plans for cats to find the ideal menu for your kitty. If you’re uncertain where to begin, our top-seller Mystic Chicken is a purr-fect starting point! Crafted with Springer Mountain Farms chicken— ultra-fresh, above organic and humane-certified— it's a hit among our feline fans.

Elevate your cat's Weekly Plan

Transform ordinary meals into culinary adventures. From exotic proteins to nutrient-packed organ supplements, craft a dining experience your feline friend will love and thrive on.

Grinds: For a streamlined, nutrient-dense option, explore our Chicken Grind or Rabbit Grind that focuses solely on meat, bones, and organs. For variety, add our single ingredient, meat only Venison Grind and Salmon Grind. Customize your cat's meals with a Custom Box to align with their unique nutritional needs.

Organs: Boost your cat's intake of vital nutrients like taurine by adding organs to your weekly plan. A perfect complement to any meal, organs provide essential nutrients that are key to feline health.

Raw Meaty Bones: Add a dental boost to your weekly plan with raw meaty bones like chicken necks. More than just an enticing treat, these bones serve as dental champions, contributing to healthy teeth and gums while also satisfying your cat's instinctual desire to chew.

Premium extras:

Goat milk: Infuse your cat's diet with this nutrient-packed elixir, abundant in essential vitamins and minerals.

Healthy treats: Crafted from single ingredients and hand-sliced, these are the ultimate snack delicacies for your feline friend.

Supplements: Carefully chosen to support your cat's well-being and overall vitality.

With these personalized add-ons, you're providing more than just food—you're offering a holistic approach to your cat's well-being.

AAFCO-approved and nutrient-rich

Our meals are more than just delicious; they're also balanced and complete, adhering to or exceeding AAFCO Cat Food Nutrient Profiles for all life stages. You can confidently serve our meals, knowing they’re packed with all the essential vitamins and nutrients your cat needs.

Caloric needs and customization

Our standard plans cater to cats with average activity levels. If your cat has specific calorie needs or needs to adjust their weight, simply select a plan for a lower or higher weight category.

Feeding guidelines:

Adult cats: Choose the plan closest to your cat’s weight.

To gain or lose weight: Opt for the next weight category up or down.

Kittens: Refer to our detailed kitten feeding guidelines for age-specific recommendations.