How it Works

    Easy to feed raw pet food dog sitting on bench 

    It’s so easy! We want to make it simple and convenient for you to feed your furry family members fresh, locally made meals. It’s quick and easy to order the right amount online. We’ve already portioned out the amount you need to feed based on your pet’s weight, so you just decide on the protein and how many weeks' worth you’d like to order. Or, you can order items individually in various servings.

    We’ll deliver it to your doorstep, ship it or you can pick it up. You can order one week at a time, or several weeks’ worth. (You’ll want to determine your freezer storage capacity first.) You can also sign up for recurring orders, so you don’t have to worry about remembering to order.

    We do not have a retail location at this time. You’re welcome to pick up your order from our front porch. It will be in the big, white freezer. Select a date and time at checkout and we’ll make sure it's ready for you to pick up. You will be contacted if there’s anything that won’t be ready or if we have any questions about your order. Please feel free to contact us if you need to adjust your order or pick up time.