Why Feed Fresh Food?

Benefits of a health raw diet for your dog and cat

We all know that eating fresh, whole foods over processed, packaged foods is the best way to absorb the necessary nutrition from foods to keep us healthy. It‚Äôs the same for cats and dogs. Thinking that processed kibble that contains no fresh food is good for your pets‚Äô health is like thinking¬†humans would be healthy if¬†they ate Twinkies for every meal as long as¬†they added a multi-vitamin.‚Ā£

Fresh food comprised of raw ingredients are the most natural and nutritious diets for cats and dogs. Our cats' and dogs' ancestors hunted prey animals for food, and cats and dogs in the wild today still do. Feeding fresh raw foods is the only way today's domesticated cats and dogs can eat a natural and biologically appropriate diet that fulfills their true nutritional requirements. Just as it makes sense for us, eating fresh food makes the most sense for our animal companions while eating processed food, especially dry kibble, makes no sense at all. 

Commercial pet food is processed and cooked at high temperatures, removing all of the fundamental nutrients your pet needs, and almost all of the moisture, otherwise the food cannot be processed and preserved. Fillers and additives are used to try to make up for the nutrients and taste that is lost. Then preservatives are added in so that your pet food can sit in a warehouse for years, then on the shelf at the store for many more months until it finally ends up in your pantry. Watch the documentary Pet Fooled for an eye-opening look at big commercial pet food companies. 

In addition to all of the chemicals and preservatives used in processing pet foods, it is common for pet food manufacturers to¬†use meat from rendering plants that ‚Äúrecycle‚ÄĚ euthanized cats and dogs. That means trace amounts of the drugs used to¬†euthanize them will also be in the food.¬†It is also legal in the US and Canada to make pet foods containing meat categorized as 4-D (dead, diseased, dying, and disabled).¬†

You know exactly what's in your pet’s food when you feed Rebel Raw. We use only human-grade, restaurant quality ingredients and there are never any chemicals, fillers or preservatives used. You can rest easy knowing your cat or dog is getting all of the nutrients needed to thrive through the sources nature intended, a truly species appropriate diet.

Pets¬†who eat fresh food have healthier immune systems ‚Äď often never having skin problems, ear infections, allergies, or other common health problems. This means eliminating or reducing vet visits and costs. Obtaining your pet‚Äôs ideal weight, and keeping it there, is done naturally and easily, without any ‚Äúdieting". These are just a few of the benefits to feeding raw.¬† Ask anyone who has switched to feeding fresh foods¬†‚Äď they would never dare switch their pets back to kibble after seeing all the benefits.

Join the fresh pet food movement and feed real food.‚Ā£


  • Optimal health: builds a¬†hardy immune system and helps prevent many chronic health issues including obesity and metabolic diseases.
  • Soft and shiny coat:¬†noticeably different in one week, can be enhanced even more with fish oil.
  • Smaller and less smelly stools that disintegrate naturally:¬†dogs and cats use more of what they eat so that means less waste. Stools are small, hard, and almost odorless. They turn into a chalky white powder after a few days, and then disintegrate. Also, the added strain of passing hard stool will naturally express your dog‚Äôs anal glands, rendering another expensive vet trip obsolete.
  • Great oral health, reduced or eliminated need for dental work:¬†no toothbrushes, de-scaling jobs, or gum disease especially with¬†raw meaty bones.
  • Reduction of skin allergies, fleas and food allergies.
  • Weight management: no¬†unnecessary¬†additives and carbohydrates.
  • Increased vitality:¬†more energy, stamina and a longer life.
  • Better absorption of nutrients, better digestion leads to a stronger digestive system.
  • Less wax build-up in ears.
  • An overall happier and healthier pet: fewer overall ailments and¬†less vet visits.