Chicken Grind
Chicken Grind

Chicken Grind

Chicken Grind

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This bowl is like playtime in food form—tailor-made for both pups and kitties! Picture them darting after flavor like it's their favorite toy. Made purely of chicken, it's a solo act that wins the crowd. Not just a meal; it's a standing ovation in every bite.

Ingredients: Chicken (including bone), chicken gizzard, chicken heart, chicken liver.

Kilocalories per ounce: 39

Chicken (including bone), chicken gizzard, chicken heart, chicken liver.

Kilocalories per ounce: 39

100% Human-Grade Chicken: Crafted with local Springer Mountain Farms chicken (above organic), high-quality, human-grade, including bone, providing a natural source of calcium and essential nutrients for bone health and dental hygiene.

Gizzard for Digestive Health: Chicken gizzard is a natural source of glucosamine, which aids in maintaining healthy cartilage and gut health, and also contributes to lean muscle maintenance.

Heart for Cardiovascular Support: Chicken heart is abundant in taurine and CoQ10, vital for maintaining strong cardiac function and promoting a healthy heartbeat in both cats and dogs.

Liver Loaded with Nutrients: Chicken liver provides a concentrated source of vitamin A, which is essential for vision health, immune function, and cell growth.

Naturally Balanced: With the combination of muscle meat, organs, and bones, this grind offers a balanced meal that closely mimics the whole prey diet, catering to your pet's instinctual dietary needs.

Essential Fatty Acids: The inclusion of the full range of chicken parts ensures a good balance of essential fatty acids, promoting a shiny coat, healthy skin, and supporting cognitive function.

Supplemental Feeding: Not a complete and balanced meal. Additional vitamins and nutrients must be added to meet AAFCO recommendations.

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