Your product is amazing

Jan 10, 2020

"I stumbled across Rebel Raw doing an online search for local raw food pet establishments and was impressed. Contact was made and Tina was quick to respond and answer all the questions I had. Our first order was ready as advertised for pick up. My 14 week Olde English Bulldogge has begun his species appropriate diet and loves it, never any leftovers, not even for the flies! We are starting him with the Chicken Mix/Grind meals with raw meaty bones (RMB) and will add another protein once he is used to the diet. Also will add Krill Oil from Dr. Mercola as a supplement in addition to Nuvet-Plus canine daily supplement which his breeder has recommended. Stools are firm and as advertised. Clean up is much easier and with very little odor. Transition from kibble (Fromm, Grain free and Orijien) was with no problems whatsoever and no digestive upsets. The pup frowns upon kibble now. Costs are higher than premium kibble but well worth it for the health of the pup. There is another business in Atlanta that offers the same type of service which I did not try. I am pleased to support a local business. Thank you Rebel Raw! Your product is amazing. Lots of compliments on his shape and coat. Field Marshal Bernard Law Montgomery aka Monty thanks you!"

- Anand