Rebel Raw saved her life.

Jan 10, 2020

"Yay!...and thank you! Yes, Baxley is much, much better now, thank you for asking. She was sick before we switched her to the Rebel Raw diet. She had been suffering for sometime. She had an appetite and would eat...but, more often than not, she just couldn't seem to keep it down.

She was slowly starving and it was breaking our hearts to see her suffer. We have no doubts at all that switching her to a raw diet-specifically Rebel Raw, saved her life. We had tried other brands, but she just wouldn't touch it. They usually had a look and smell to them as though they had been thawed and refrozen.

We are so thankful for rebel raw. She's keeping her food down (as long as she's feed at least 3 times a day). She's looking happy and healthy again."

- Donna