Pepper gives them two paws up 🐾 🐾

Feb 2, 2023

I decided to switch my cat to a raw diet because she is extremely overweight and I have tried everything my vet recommended but none did much more than keep her from gaining more. A raw diet made more logical sense to me I did a ton of research and chose Rebel Raw because they are a small family owned business. In my experience they care more about their product and provide absolutely superior customer support compared to larger/corp.

They also sell complete meals packaged in one day portions which is an easy and simple as raw food gets. Pepper absolutely loves it she has so much more energy she engages more in play time and the bit about less poop totally true and it doesn't smell either. My second shipment was rescheduled by UPS and the next day when it arrived some of some of the meals had thawed beyond what is safe to refreeze I sent an email to Rebel Raw the next morning I found a reply and a replacement shipment already on the way they added extra ice to it and it arrived with no thawing issues.

am definitely a customer for life and I highly recommend Rebel Raw to anyone who wants the best food for their pet. Pepper gives them two paws up her favorite is the fine chicken and salmon.- Sarah