"Friendly and perfect for cats transitioning to a carnivore diet."

Mar 20, 2023

Friendly and perfect for cats transitioning to a carnivore diet. Some fine tuning recommendations: I recommend adding meat/bone chunks in a variety of sizes instead of full fine grind. Fine grind is perfect for cats transitioning back to their natural diet. But incorporating larger chunks keeps their teeth clean and breath fresh, jaw strong, and gives them necessary mental stimulation (closer to eating real prey ). Beware they will turn into little beasts, but happy ones who will give you extra loving Also, the content of the food was much better than other “raw” food companies, but maybe mimic the full prey diet closer? Not sure if you add secreting organs, brain, eyes, etc. Adding the entire diet would cut out on the last supplemental ingredients added. Allows the owner to fine tune their own supplementation regiment specific to their furbaby 👍 Also a bit expensive even with the subscription “bulk” box. But, free shipping despite living in a rural location made up for the extra cost.

Overall, great place to start if new to feeding raw diets. Easy to order, quick shipping (and huge reusable ice packs instead of dry ice, very nice ✅) , easy to scoop out of and don’t take up too much freezer space, and finely ground for cats to easily transition off kibble (or cat cheetos )

Keep your kitties healthy and rebel, feed them RAW 🐾❤️- Ashlyn O.