Better in Every Way

Mar 2, 2022
 Our cats are not strangers to high quality raw food. But when our previous go-to brand changed their formula, the new food was no longer of the same quality. In short, what used to be patties that, like hamburger, would have a thin pale brown layer over a deep pink center, now were more like kibble sized things that were like 100% pale brown through and through. With the patties, we could trim this dried out layer off (as our pickiest cat would never touch it), and just feed them the good stuff inside. But now, there was nothing that looked(or tasted to our guys) like a healthy, vital food. Enter PANIC MODE! My wife searched high and low for a food with that deep pink vitality and after many false starts and some less than happy mealtimes, she discovered Rebel Raw. 

Well, it is everything our former food was, but better in every way. Their processing and packaging eliminate the oxidized surface and all that there is is fresh, raw meat, with all the trace organs and things that make for a perfectly balanced diet. The proof is in the results. They love it more than any food that we have ever used before. Their coats are softer. Our oldest cat is more interested in playing now and his breath is no longer smelly. The food bowls clean so easily after they have scoured them and they are all generally less skittish. 

Also, the packing and shipping job on our orders are a marvel of engineering, with the food arriving still frozen rock hard. We could not feel more grateful that this company has put high ethical standards into their products and business practices. It is a huge load off of our minds that our guys can now eat high quality, healthy food all delivered to our door. — David and Mary S.