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  • Dog Food

    Comfy Chicken

    from $ 3.80

    Ingredients    Chicken (including bone), chicken gizzard, chicken heart, chicken liver, spinach, carrot, flaxseed, wild salmon oil, sea salt, o...

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  • Cat Food

    Mystic Chicken

    from $ 3.60

    Ingredients   Chicken (including bone), chicken heart, chicken gizzard, chicken liver, wild salmon oil, potassium citrate, magnesium citrate, t...

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  • Dog & Cat Food

    Chicken Hearts

    $ 6.30

    Ingredients Chicken hearts Benefits Hearts provide taurine in high concentration.

  • Dog & Cat Food

    Chicken Feet

    $ 8.20

    Ingredients Chicken feet from local GA farms. Kilocalories per foot: 75. Benefits Bones for optimum levels of calcium. Provides tooth ...

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