Chicken Turkey Plan
Chicken Turkey Plan
Chicken Turkey Plan

Chicken Turkey Plan

Chicken Turkey Plan

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Comfy Chicken 6 oz x 4, Flirty Turkey 6 oz x 3

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Comfy Chicken

Chicken (including bone), chicken gizzard, chicken heart, chicken liver, spinach, carrot, flaxseed, wild salmon oil, sea salt, organic kelp, vitamin E, zinc polysaccharide, copper polysaccharide, ferrous sulfate, manganese, vitamin D3.

Kilocalories per ounce: 36

Total composition: 90% chicken, 9% vegetables.

Detailed percentages: 10% bone, 6% liver, .0001% supplemental vitamins.

Flirty Turkey

Turkey (including bone), turkey liver, spinach, carrot, sea salt, dicalcium phosphate, choline, organic kelp, zinc polysaccharide, ferrous sulfate, vitamin E, copper polysaccharide, manganese, thiamine, vitamin D3.

Kilocalories per ounce: 43

Total composition: 85% turkey, 14% vegetables.

Detailed percentages:  11% bone, 7% liver, .0017% supplemental vitamins.

Complete and balanced: Formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Nutrient Profiles for all life stages, including growth of large size dogs (70 lb or more as an adult).

100% Human-Grade: 100% human-grade, sourced from US farms, ensuring your dog is getting food that's as good as what's on your plate.

Variety Pack Advantage: Enjoy protein variety with Comfy Chicken and Flirty Turkey, offering a balance of flavors and nutrients to keep your dog’s meals exciting and nutritionally sound.

Comfy Chicken Delight: Made with American Humane Certified™ , above organic, premium Springer Mountain Farms chicken, this meal delivers high-quality, lean protein along with bone content for calcium, and organs like heart and liver for a natural source of vitamins and minerals.

Flirty Turkey Feast: Lean turkey, including bone, offers a high-protein, low-fat option with a balance of essential nutrients. It's an excellent source of selenium and tryptophan, which contribute to a strong immune system and a feel-good mood.

Garden-Fresh Vegetables: Spinach and carrots contribute essential nutrients and fiber, aiding in digestion and antioxidant support.

No Artificial Additives: We guarantee no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives in our Perfectly Pork, just pure, wholesome goodness in every bite.

Nutrient Blend: Formulated with 100% human-grade nutraceuticals regulated by the FDA.

Sustainable and Recyclable Packaging: Emphasizing our dedication to environmental stewardship, our shipping boxes feature fully recyclable packaging, from the box to the insulated liners. Meticulously designed for minimal ecological footprint, our packaging ensures our food's freshness and quality during several days of transport and also supports eco-friendly lifestyles by being completely recyclable.

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