Make you and your pets life better

May 17, 2023

Hello This past month I had to put down my rescue cat Jasmine. She was full of cancer and kidney failure. She was 4 years old and a true joy to her protectors my Wife and Me. She was mis diagnosed by the vet that I went to for help. I got angry enough to look for better alternatives for her brother Morgan. I found a documentary named Pet Fooled. It is by a well known veterinarian Dr. Barbara Royal. The Royal Treatment is the name of her book. She is a propionate of a wild Health diet. After researching her qualification and also reading Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Secrets to the Natural Health of Dogs and Cats, I concluded that a raw diet was in the best interest of pets lives! Rebel Raw's products reflect the wisdom of this diet in contrast to what big business and the veterinarian diet programs Cause--- for their benefits not for you or your pets. 

If you love your best friends read them and switch to a Rebel Raw diet ASAP. Many pets I have had the pleasure of hosting have died in the surgery known as teeth cleaning, not to mention the costs. Turns out that with a Rebel Raw diet your pets will no longer require tooth cleaning and a host of other savings that modern veterinarians are tough to recommend. Thank you!