I wish I could give Rebel Raw infinite stars. Rebel Raw is the best.

Dec 5, 2022
"I wish I could give Rebel Raw infinite stars. Rebel Raw is the best. Their food has restored my dog's health.

My dog was diagnosed with Adrenal based Cushing back in November 2021. I have always fed him raw food since he was able to have adult dog food that I purchased from my local farmer. My local farmer only offers a chicken blend and beef blend whole prey ground. I would rotate between the two and add raw veggies to his food. After being on meds for awhile for the Cushings even though his levels were normal he was still very lethargic. I started searching for other raw food. I stumbled across one place and began buying food there. Which was more like a BARF diet. I noticed he perked up a bit. I fed him this other food for a couple of months.

Then I saw my holistic vet at the end of January and was told he can not have beef since it's high in fat. This new place didn't have anything without beef as they had this in all of their blends.

I started searching again. This is when is found Rebel Raw. I placed my first order with Rebel Raw in the beginning of February. I ordered the Duck and Salmon and the Turkey and Lamb. After my pooch after the Turkey and Lamb he began to perk up and have a bit more energy. Then when I had him try to Duck and Salmon he was more alert and his energy improved even more.

The more he ate Rebel Raw the better he got. He is 13 years old and acts like a puppy again. He is back jumping up on the couch which he hadn't done since before November. He runs up and downstairs again and runs around in the backyard. He pick up his toys again that he hadn't touched since before his Cushings diagnosis.

I've told my holistic Vet about Rebel Raw. She will pass their information onto her other clients as she is Pro Raw for dogs.

I am in tears as I am overjoyed with how Rebel Raw is restoring my dog's health. Thank you Rebel Raw for making such high quality and healthy food as it has given my dog his life back. You have a customer for life. :-)" — Colleen A.