He is a Rebel Raw cuddly cat now!

Jan 10, 2020

"This is my experience with Roger, my two year old Bombay cat. Roger chose me at the Greater Birmingham Humane Society a year and a half ago to be his pet. He used to treat me like a clingy girlfriend, he'd show up for a meal, maybe a cuddle and want to sneak out at 2 in the morning. He felt like this really great cat that didn't want to commit. I had seen Rebel Raw a couple of years ago before they shipped out of Atlanta and had tried a different brand of raw pet food that he wasn't interested in. So after the new year I saw Rebel Raw was shipping to Birmingham I bought a shipment.

They were super quick at answering questions, like how much do I need, etc., the customer service is top notch. So in about a week I was able to invite Roger to have his first meal of Rebel Raw Fine Chicken Complete meal. He ate around the other brand of wet cat food to just eat the Rebel Raw, and sat there looking at me as if "please may I have more? doing his best Oliver Twist impersonation. He was hooked.

Now Roger will sit in front of me and ask me for dinner, he will jump on the counter to help if I'd let him and I know he would do the dishes if he had thumbs. He even cuddles till morning! I can't say it is Rebel Raw that makes him a nicer cat but I cant say it isn't!!! I know Roger would tell Tina, Matt, and the whole gang thanks for the upgrade in his culinary life! He is a Rebel Raw Fine cuddly cat now!"

- Allyson