We've Got the Magic 🪄 — Raw Goat Colostrum

May 24, 2021

Colostrum (also known as “first milk”) is a special type of milk mother mammals produce for their newborn just before giving birth. It's pure liquid gold providing the powerhouse of nutritional ammunition designed to get a newborn through the critical first few days of life.

This SUPER milk has endless benefits. Some of our favorites include: 

Helps heal upset tummies by strengthening the gut wall and reducing intestine permeability.

Fights against respiratory diseases, supports natural recovery and increases stamina.

Builds strong bones and toothies.

Colostrum is perfect for puppies/kittens, aging/senior pets and high performance pets!

It's a great nutritional boost for anyone and especially those who need extra healing.

Our raw colostrum milk is sourced from a local GA farm (and goat milk partner), The Capra Gia Cheese Company. These goats are antibiotic/hormone free, graze like it's their job and only feed on locally grown hay.

 Happy Goats = Happy AF Doggies and Kitties!!