Pure Beef Heart Delight

Jul 12, 2023

Introducing Our All-New Beef Heart Jerky Treats:

Naturally Tasty, Uncompromisingly Pure

Savor the flavor, relish the simplicity! At Rebel Raw, we believe that less is indeed more. We're thrilled to unveil our latest delicacy for your furry friends - our 100% Beef Heart Jerky Treats.

Straight from the heart to their bowl, we've sourced the best beef hearts and transformed them into a chewy, tantalizing treat your pets will crave. No frills, no tricks - just the real, meaty goodness of pure beef heart, made irresistible through a delicate dehydration process.

Our Beef Heart Jerky treats are not just about taste - they're a tribute to simplicity and transparency. Single-ingredient, additive-free, and filler-free, they're the wholesome, honest treats your pets deserve. It's all heart, nothing else!

These jerky treats aren't just love at first bite; they're also packed with essential nutrients that support your pet's health. Beef heart is a powerhouse of protein, and it's chock-full of vitamins and minerals. From supporting a healthy coat to promoting strong muscles, every bite is a boost to their wellbeing.

So why choose our Beef Heart Jerky Treats?
  •  100% Pure Beef Heart: Only the best, for the best!
  •  No Additives or Fillers: Just pure, dehydrated beef.
  •  Power-packed Nutrients: A flavorful punch of protein, vitamins, and minerals.
  •  Loved by Cats and Dogs: A treat that's universally adored by our furry friends.

Make treat time an experience of pure, unadulterated delight with our Beef Heart Jerky treats. We're confident it'll win their hearts over, bite after delicious bite.

Give them a treat from the heart, with Rebel Raw's new Beef Heart Jerky treats - because they deserve nothing less than 100% love!