Pet Fooled: The truth behind commercial pet food.

May 23, 2017
This a great, informative documentary uncovering the truth about how most pet food is made. Pet Fooled takes an in-depth look at the deception and disregard for our animals’ health and lives by the big pet food corporations. Did you know that only 5 companies make over 90% of pet food? And they do it with profit in mind, not animal nutrition. It's made with the cheapest ingredients, of questionable quality, with a long shelf being the main objective.


Most ingredients used by the big commercial pet food manufacturers are completely inappropriate for cats and dogs and barely digestible. Corn, soy, wheat gluten and corn syrup are often included in pet foods. Real meat is not even required to put the words beef or chicken on the label. 

The word “natural” can be used on packaging even if it has been rendered through chemical processes that are not at all natural and food can be labeled "organic" with only 3% of the ingredients being organic.

These are some of the many reasons we started making our own pet food several years ago. We control exactly what goes into their food, we know it's all human grade and we know how it's made. Nothing has changed with the food we now make for you. It is the same premium quality food we make for our own cats and dogs. We take the same care and put the same amount of love into every batch.

You can find Pet Fooled on Amazon, iTunes or Google Play.