New!! Angus Beef and Salmon Mix Complete

May 7, 2019

Fresh out of the grinder, we've got a new meal your dogs will love!! Our Angus Beef and Salmon Mix is a delicious blend of Certified Angus Beef and fresh salmon.

Beef is the most nutrient-packed protein with very high levels of complex B vitamins, phosphorus, zinc and iron. These vital nutrients are critical for your dog's health. They support a healthy immune system (zinc) and strong skeletal system (phosphorus), prevent fatigue (iron), and increase energy (B vitamins). Zinc and iron also helps to maintain stamina and heart health. Additionally, beef contains high levels of selenium and taurine. Selenium is known for its treatment in allergies, arthritis, and heart disease. Taurine is an important organic acid for those breeds that are prone to seizures, Type-1 diabetes, liver and heart disease and a preventative measure for all dogs.

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