Cats Love Chicken Hearts

Feb 19, 2018
Cats love chicken hearts! And there’s a good reason why. They are an excellent source of taurine which cats need to survive and can not produce on their own. All members of the cat family, from a tiny 6 lb house cat to a 450 lb lion, are instinctively drawn to hunt for prey that contain high levels of taurine. Chicken hearts also provide Vitamin A, B6, and B12, as well as iron and niacin. These vitamins and minerals improve cardiovascular, vision, immune and digestive function in cats and dogs. Our chicken hearts are locally sourced from Georgia's Springer Mountain Farms, known for their humane certified poultry. Available in convenient, easy to feed 4oz portions. Cats need 2 - 3 hearts a day if they're not already getting taurine in their diet. The great thing about taurine is that you can't feed too much. Any excess is excreted in the cat's urine.