June 22, 2015

Meet Roscoe.

Roscoe is one very cool dude. He lives in Cabbagetown, one of the neatest, most creative neighborhoods we have in Atlanta. You know that awesome street art along Wylie St and in Krog Tunnel?? Roscoe did that. And he lived in Cabbagetown way before the Beltline was even thinking about coming nearby.

Roscoe’s mom and dad adopted him 5 years ago and he’s had some health and digestive issues along the way leading him to be on the slim side. Since he’s been dining on Rebel Raw, he’s gained a lot of his weight back and is once again playful and energetic. His mom can tell he’s feeling better because he now plays with the foster dogs that come to live with them. He used to just ignore these temporary dogs in his home and now, with a recent foster, his mom noticed a new spark in Roscoe, "we had one for a few weeks this last month and they played constantly. I think he felt so good he had to play!” We’re so happy to hear Roscoe is feeling frisky and we love that Roscoe’s family fosters dogs for a local rescue. There are so many good things happening in the Roscoe household!

Next time you’re in Cabbagetown, look for a happy, handsome boxer zipping around on his scooter. And if you ever see a dog tagging Krog Tunnel, say hello, it’s probably Roscoe.

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