It's National Cat Health Month

Feb 9, 2015

February is National Cat Health Month. Cats are better at hiding their illnesses than dogs so it's up to you to monitor your cats closely and take notice when something is wrong.

• According to an AVMA survey, cats don’t visit veterinarians as often as dogs. The average dog sees a vet 1.5 times a year. Cats average less than once a year. And that’s especially bad news for cats because they can hide illness or pain, so millions don’t see a vet until they’re profoundly ill.

• Cats are abandoned or given up for adoption more often than dogs, too. In a several-year study conducted in the 1990s, the National Council on Pet Population Study & Policy looked at animals given up to shelters. Of the cases in which a species was identified, 27% were dogs and 35% were cats.

• Of the lost or stolen animals entering U.S. shelters, 15% to 30% of dogs are reclaimed by owners, according to the Humane Society of the United States. However, a meager 5% of cats are reclaimed.