Meet the Original Rebels

Nov 8, 2014

Our one year old pit pup, Victory, is a rescue from the great folks at Friends to the Forlorn Pit Bull Rescue. She is a happy girl who loves everyone, enjoys naps on the couch and playing with the cats' toys. She likes to grunt and makes a strange sound when she's cuddling up with us that we think is her attempt to purr. She does live with 3 cats after all! And she's kind of scared of the kitten.



Our pumpkin headed troublemaker. Sookie has a lot of personality and cattitude. Her favorite thing is when one of her humans is getting ice out of the ice maker on the freezer and puts an ice cube in the tray so she can jump up and grab it. She also enjoys smacking chips out of your hand or just grabbing them out of the bag herself.



A co-worker came into Apple with a poster of adorable kittens who needed homes and that's how Sookie and Sasha joined our family. Sasha enjoys sitting in boxes, as most cats do. She also likes to talk a lot and will announce herself when she enters a room or jumps up on the couch or bed. She will gladly sleep on any pillow, especially if it's yours.



Our youngest fur baby is a rescue from Cabbagetown. Paper is the sweetest most cuddly kitten ever. She likes chasing the big kitties around and showing them who's boss. She's in cahoots with Victory where they've agreed Paper will knock things down onto the floor so Victory can carry them around in her mouth.