Thank you, Rebel Raw!

Jan 11, 2023
When I found Ralfi and decided to be his human companion, I did a ton of research and found a vet recommended recipe I believed to be the most nutritious and palatable to my cat. I made it myself with a food grinder in my kitchen for almost 2 years before I moved out of state and couldn't find an affordable organic chicken source. Then I researched purchasing pre-made, and came across so many sites that add gums and preservatives to their cat foods, or cooked the chicken and didn't include bones in their formulas (which reduce nutrient content). I was so elated to find Rebel Raw. Their product is top notch, my cat always eats it immediately, his coat is so silky and he is strong and healthy. I also thought the price was really reasonable based on the cost and time it saves me doing it myself. I feel I found a company that provides a stellar raw food option for my sweet Ralfi - the same quality I would provide myself. Thank you, Rebel Raw!- Amanda L.