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    Chicken Mix and Turkey Mix Complete Plan


    Ckn Mix 4oz ( 3 ), Turkey Mix 4oz ( 4 )

    Complete, nutritionally-balanced. Select your dog's weight, then choose the number of weeks of food. You'll receive 14 meals per week, pre-measured and individually packaged. *
      • Chicken Mix Complete: chicken (including bone), chicken heart, chicken liver, spinach, carrots. Less than 1%: salmon, sea salt, organic kelp, vitamin E, choline, ginger, zinc polysaccharide complex, ferrous sulfate, copper polysaccharide complex, vitamin D3.
      • Turkey Mix Complete: Turkey (including bone), turkey liver, spinach, carrots, salmon. Less than 1%: vitamin E, organic kelp, sea salt, ginger, choline, zinc polysaccharide complex, ferrous sulfate, copper polysaccharide complex, vitamin D3, thiamine.
      • Complete and balanced meal formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for all life stages.
      • Human-grade, above organic, chicken from Springer Mountain Farms.
      • Human-grade turkey from US farms. American Humane Certified. All natural, hormone, and steroid free.
      • * You'll receive 14 individually portioned meals, 7 Chicken Mix Complete and 7 Turkey Mix Complete for all 20 lb dog and up meals. The 10 lb and 15 lb dog meals are portioned to feed one container per day. You'll receive 7 total (3 Chicken Mix Complete and 4 Turkey Mix Complete). Feed half a container for one meal and the other half for the other meal.
      • Total amount of food equals 2.5% of dog’s weight per day.
      • Provides high levels of zinc and iron which help maintain stamina and heart health.
      • Also includes taurine, an important organic acid for those breeds that are prone to seizures, Type-1 diabetes, liver and heart disease.
      • Environmentally friendly containers made in the US from PET using a minimum of 50% post-consumer recycled bottles and 100% recyclable.
      • Chicken Mix Complete Nutrition Data
      • Turkey Mix Complete Nutrition Data