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📦 Bulk Boxes Now Available - Free Delivery
📦 Bulk Boxes Now Available - Free Delivery

Beef & Lamb and Turkey Complete Plan

$ 127.10
Contains: Beef Lamb 16 oz x 7, Turkey 20 oz x 7
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Complete, nutritionally-balanced. Select your dog's weight, then choose how many weeks of food to order. One week consists of 7 containers, pre-measured for each day.

    • Beef & Lamb Complete: Beef, lamb, beef heart, beef liver, lamb liver, lamb kidney, spinach, carrots, salmon. Less than 1% of: vitamin E, calcium carbonate, flax seed, choline, dicalcium phosphate, sea salt, organic kelp, vitamin D3, zinc polysaccharide complex, ferrous sulfate, ginger.
    • Turkey Complete: Turkey (including bone), turkey liver, spinach, carrots, salmon. Less than 1%: vitamin E, organic kelp, sea salt, ginger, choline, zinc polysaccharide complex, ferrous sulfate, copper polysaccharide complex, vitamin D3, thiamine.
    • Complete and balanced meal formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for growth/all life stages including growth of large-size dogs (70 lbs or more as an adult).
    • You'll receive 7 portioned containers per week.
    • Dogs weights above 55 lbs will receive 14 containers per week.
    • Beef & Lamb Complete: 72% beef, 18% lamb, 8% vegetables, 2% salmon. Detailed percentages: 62% ground beef, 6% beef heart, 4% beef liver, 10% ground lamb, 4% lamb liver, 4% lamb kidney, 4% spinach, 4% carrots, 2% salmon, .85% vitamins and minerals. Kilocalories per ounce: 80.
    • Turkey Complete: 86% turkey (including bones and organs), 13% vegetables. Detailed percentages: 71% turkey meat, 10% bone, 5% liver, 9% spinach, 4% carrots, and less than 1% of flaxseed, salmon, organic ginger, organic kelp, zinc proteinate, copper proteinate. Kilocalories per ounce: 46.
    • Human-grade beef from US farms.
    • Human-grade grass fed and pasture raised lamb from Australia.
    • Human-grade turkey from US farms.
    • Total amount of food equals weekly caloric requirements.
    • Excellent source of protein and Omega-3 fatty acids, which can reduce the risk of high blood pressure, improve blood circulation.
    • Contains all the essential amino acids required by dogs. 
    • Beef is most nutrient-packed protein, with very high levels of complex B vitamins, phosphorus, zinc and iron. These vital nutrients are incredibly beneficial. They support a healthy immune system (zinc) and strong skeletal system (phosphorus), prevent fatigue (iron), and increase energy (B vitamins). Beef also contains high levels of selenium, which is known for its treatment in allergies, arthritis, and heart disease.
    • Includes taurine, an important organic acid for dogs who are prone to seizures, Type-1 diabetes, liver and heart disease.
    • Environmentally friendly containers made in the US from PET using a minimum of 50% post-consumer recycled bottles and 100% recyclable.
    • Turkey Complete Nutrition Data
    • Beef and Lamb Complete Nutrition Data