Weekly Plans for dogs


Meal time made easy!

We've pre-measured each meal according to your dog's weight, making feeding time a breeze. Each weekly plan consists of seven frozen packs—one for each day. Simply thaw and serve; there’s no measuring or mess involved.

Variety is the spice of dog life

Our Weekly Plans for Dogs feature a robust menu to keep your pooch intrigued. Not sure where to start? Dive in with our top-selling Comfy Chicken, made with ultra-fresh, above organic and humane-certified Springer Mountain Farms chicken. Your dog will thank you!

Enhance your weekly plan with custom add-ons

Grinds: Looking for a simple, nutrient-packed option? Choose from our Chicken Grind or Rabbit Grind, which focus solely on meat, bones, and organs. For those looking to introduce protein diversity, we also offer Venison Grind and Salmon Grind. Tailor your dog’s meals to meet specific nutritional goals effortlessly with a Custom Box.

Organs: Packed with essential vitamins like A, D, and E, as well as minerals like iron and zinc. Organs provide unique nutrients that muscle meats alone cannot offer, making them an excellent supplement for a complete and balanced diet.

Raw Meaty Bones: Elevate your weekly plan by incorporating Raw Meaty Bones like chicken backs, duck wings, or turkey wings. These are more than just a treat; they are dental superheroes that help maintain a healthy mouth while also fulfilling your dog's natural chewing instincts.

Deluxe extras:

Goat milk: A nutrient-rich addition that's packed with essential vitamins and minerals.

Healthy treats: Exclusively single-ingredient and hand-sliced for the ultimate snack experience.

Supplements: Thoughtfully selected to promote optimal health and vitality in your furry friend.

With these customizable add-ons, you're not just feeding your dog—you're nourishing them, both inside and out.

Nutritionally complete, vet-approved

Rest easy knowing our meals meet or exceed the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for both growth and maintenance—yes, that includes large breed puppies too! Each balanced meal contains meat, bones, organs, vegetables, and a special nutrient blend.

Activity levels and special requirements

Our standard weekly plans are crafted for dogs with average activity levels. If your furry friend is more or less active, or needs to adjust their weight, simply opt for a plan designed for a smaller or larger dog.

Puppy love

All our dog foods are puppy-friendly and formulated for growth at all life stages. For the weekly plans, simply select an option based on a weight that is multiple times your puppy's current weight. Refer to our detailed puppy feeding guidelines for more insight.

Feeding guidelines:

Adult dogs: Choose a plan closest to your dog’s weight.

To gain or lose weight: Select the next weight category up or down.


2-4 months: Choose a plan 4x the puppy’s current weight.

4-7 months: Choose a plan 3x the puppy’s current weight.

7-12 months: Choose a plan 2x the puppy’s current weight.

For more nuanced puppy feeding advice, check out our comprehensive puppy feeding guide.