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    "🐕 I HIGHLY recommend this business. It's hard to find subscription plans you can trust and are close to home that provides a well balanced, fresh, raw meal to our fur family and with amazing customer service. I will be a regular until the end of time. 😁"

    ~ Gary

    "I love Rebel Raw. I have a Dalmatian and a Maine Coon and they come running when they hear me pop open the container! Tiffany the Maine Coon ate every bite the first day I switched her and won’t even look at kibble now. I’m so glad I made the switch! Thank you so much!"

    "PS: the small and non smelly poops are amazing! 💜💜💜"

    ~ Katey

    "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️@GenjiTheCorgi enjoys his RAW food from Rebel RAW. Its Fresh and Portioned Nicely! Thanks again!"

    ~ Casey

    "Check out my pearly white smile. Thank you Rebel Raw for keeping my teeth clean and my coat sparkly!"

    ~ Coleen

    "Happiest Pittie on the Planet! Hula loves her Chicken Back Snack! This is what they get after dinner. It helps with teeth cleaning and is part of their Raw Diet. Our Pit Brother Connor told us about this amazing new way of life and we love it! Thank you Team Rebel!"

    "Atlanta friends, Rebelraw is local! Support local business! Woof! 🐶🐶"

    ~ Andrew

    "Easy to order, easy to feed and our cat loves it!!!!"

    ~ Shelley

    "My new puppy loves Rebel Raw! Now that I am armed with the knowledge that I have after watching Pet Fooled, I am so glad to find and support a local raw food family business. Thank you...thank you...thank you!"

    ~ Nataya

    "My dogs love Rebel Raw and whats better than giving your dogs the best choice for food while supporting a local, neighborhood company! The service is always fantastic and communication is always great. Easy pick up or you can choose delivery (for certain areas). Give it a try - your pups will thank you! Thank you Rebel Raw!"

    ~ Becky

    "This is my experience with Roger, my two year old Bombay cat. Roger chose me at the Greater Birmingham Humane Society a year and a half ago to be his pet. He used to treat me like a clingy girlfriend, he'd show up for a meal, maybe a cuddle and want to sneak out at 2 in the morning. He felt like this really great cat that didn't want to commit. I had seen Rebel Raw a couple of years ago before they shipped out of Atlanta and had tried a different brand of raw pet food that he wasn't interested in. So after the new year I saw Rebel Raw was shipping to Birmingham I bought a shipment.

    They were super quick at answering questions, like how much do I need, etc., the customer service is top notch. So in about a week I was able to invite Roger to have his first meal of Rebel Raw Fine Chicken Complete meal. He ate around the other brand of wet cat food to just eat the Rebel Raw, and sat there looking at me as if "please may I have more? doing his best Oliver Twist impersonation. He was hooked.

    Now Roger will sit in front of me and ask me for dinner, he will jump on the counter to help if I'd let him and I know he would do the dishes if he had thumbs. He even cuddles till morning! I can't say it is Rebel Raw that makes him a nicer cat but I cant say it isn't!!! I know Roger would tell Tina, Matt, and the whole gang thanks for the upgrade in his culinary life! He is a Rebel Raw Fine cuddly cat now!"

    ~ Allyson

    "The best pet food, the raw diet changed my cat for the better! Brighter eyes, silkiest fur, spunkier and the litter box doesn't stink! All around a win, win!"

    ~ Lael

    "We love Rebel Raw! Our dogs are all healthy and shiny! In fact, our older dog (12yrs) has very little gray in her muzzle and we attribute it to her healthy diet. WE believe in Rebel Raw so much, that we started both of our Frenchies on it from day one. Head Rebel Tina is extremely knowledgeable and we really appreciate her expertise. Their customer service and communication is top notch. Nothing but praise for this company. Matt and Tina go above and beyond to provide a quality product for our 4 legged family members. Our 4 dogs LOVE Rebel Raw!"

    ~ Vicktoria

    "We got your food for the first time today, and gave our cat his first raw meal. Normally after eating, he'd be grumpy and stomping around the house, and eventually go in an empty room for a long nap. And we figured any change would be over days or weeks. Or he might snub it or vomit. We were prepared for the worst. But he loved it. Ate it slower than kibble, thankfully, and he was completely satiated and in such a good mood. He's not grumpy or wanting to be alone. We're kinda shocked how well it went. Next week we'll be getting a bigger order."

    ~ Nicholas

    "Huey loves his fresh chicken backs from Springer Mountain Farms!"

    ~ Casey

    "I stumbled across Rebel Raw doing an online search for local raw food pet establishments and was impressed. Contact was made and Tina was quick to respond and answer all the questions I had. Our first order was ready as advertised for pick up. My 14 week Olde English Bulldogge has begun his species appropriate diet and loves it, never any leftovers, not even for the flies! We are starting him with the Chicken Mix/Grind meals with raw meaty bones (RMB) and will add another protein once he is used to the diet. Also will add Krill Oil from Dr. Mercola as a supplement in addition to Nuvet-Plus canine daily supplement which his breeder has recommended. Stools are firm and as advertised. Clean up is much easier and with very little odor. Transition from kibble (Fromm, Grain free and Orijien) was with no problems whatsoever and no digestive upsets. The pup frowns upon kibble now. Costs are higher than premium kibble but well worth it for the health of the pup. There is another business in Atlanta that offers the same type of service which I did not try. I am pleased to support a local business. Thank you Rebel Raw! Your product is amazing. Lots of compliments on his shape and coat. Field Marshal Bernard Law Montgomery aka Monty thanks you!"

    ~ Anand

    "People always ask what type of shampoo I use for her because her coat is so shiny. I tell them it’s not what I use on her, it’s what I’m feeding her. Simple all natural ingredients- that’s it!"

    ~ Jean

    "All these healthy babes, eating the best food available. The large blue/gray babe is 12 yrs young. Notice the lack of white hair in her muzzle and face. Most dogs her age and size have an almost white face, but because she has been fed a raw diet for the majority of her life, she doesn't look at day over 6... or maybe we are just biased."

    ~ Vicktoria

    "My girls LOVE rebel raw!! SOOO many positive changes that changing their food to raw has made in our house!! I love that I can have it delivered, it makes it sooo easy to feed my girls healthy food that works for their bodies!!"

    ~ Colleen

    "This is the best thing you can buy for your dog bar none! Dogs were not meant to eat kibble, and our two rescues do so much better after switching them to a raw diet. Rebel Raw is high quality, conveniently packaged, and the dogs love it! Great service too. Our dogs are visibly healthier, softer, shinier coat and no more red spots from allergies after switching to Rebel Raw. Highly recommend!"

    ~ Shaun

    "Rebel Raw has changed my pups life! My first pup Sadie had terrible stomach issues and when I switched her to Rebel Raw, I saw the effects immediately. She didn't get gastritis anymore and didn't have any more accidents! She was so much happier. After she was diagnosed with Cancer, I kept her on a Rebel Raw diet and truly believe that prolonged her life. My new rescue Hope loves her Rebel Raw and gobbles it up in minutes. I've noticed how how much shinier her coat is! Pure, wholesome food made with love, excellent & caring customer service, and supporting a local business in my neighborhood...there is nothing better! THANK YOU Rebel Raw!"

    ~ Deb

    "We fell instantly in love with Rebel Raw. Quality is impressive. Its as wholesome as it looks. We believe in Tinas raw pet food, the best we can find in Georgia. Besides supporting & knowing our local Community is just as important to our family. The switch for our Elliot was an instant love for food. He shows absolute joy eating Rebel Raw. Tina is a gentle, inspiring, and creative spirit we will absolutley continue supporting Rebel Raw!"

    ~ Felicia

    "On our way yesterday to pickup my baby's food. Can you tell he was excited????? He LOVES Rebel Raw!!!"

    ~ Gene

    "Waiting in the driveway for my next Rebel Raw food shipment. Mom says the delivery driver gives free hugs, so maybe I'll get some scratches out of the deal."

    ~ Jacklyn

    "My lil Frenchie, is sensitive to foods. As a puppy I put him on a few different 'all natural no grain' food like blue buffalo and taste of the wild. Most of the foods I noticed, he had a reaction with a change in his skin tone under his coat. Since he's been on the raw diet, his skin is pink, and his poops are smaller and less stinkier. He loves his Rebel Raw food and has been on it for over a year now."

    ~ Remy's Mom

    "Teddy has always been a huge foodie just like us, his parents :) We try to eat natural and fresh food and also support local business. Why not do the same for our little man?! At first we were a little hesitant because we weren't very familiar with raw food. After doing bunch of research and consulting with Matt and Tina, we wanted to give it a try. Not only does Teddy get extra excited during his feeding time but we've also noticed other differences. His energy level increased, his fur is absolutely beautiful and he started getting his darker puppy hair back (which we absolutely love), his teeth seem healthier and his stinky breath has definitely changed as well. Long story short, Rebel Raw is the best decision we made and Teddy loves it just as much as we love watching him live a happy and healthy live!"

    ~ Teddy's Mom and Dad
    Little Five Points

    "I switched our dogs to a raw diet two years ago when my veterinarian recommended it due to Hannah's cancer and Bruce's skin allergies. It gave Hannah two additional years of life without expensive medications and side effects. Bruce has avoided prednisone and steroid shots by simply switching his food. I'll be forever grateful to my vet for complete honesty and a safer alternative in dog health. Bruce loves Rebel Raw and gives it a paws up. We love that it comes in recyclable containers, that it's already proportioned for his size ready to be fed, and delivered to our door. Thank you Rebel Raw for making a hassle free, healthy line of product for our dog Bruce!"

    ~ Bruce's Mom
    East Lake

    "Thank you for the tasty food you deliver to me. Before Rebel Raw, I was eating dry kibble out of a bag. It made me gag and really thirsty. I often played with the kibble, since it was difficult to eat. I no longer play with my food and I also don't have to pee every two hours from over drinking and being thirsty all the time. I can't wait to try the duck!"

    ~ Sadie, happy dog

    "I just wanted to give a rave review to this business! We've had our cat on a raw diet for about six weeks now, and the positive changes to her attitude, coat, and...number two...have been dramatic. I'm so glad we can now buy from a local business! And they deliver. And they're awesome--emailing to check on our cat, being super flexible about delivery times, and all the other benefits of working with a small, locally-owned company."

    ~ Chief Brody and Jeff The Party Cat's (pictured) Mom

    "Do you like to spend your dollars locally? Interested in feeding your dog a delicious, healthy, antibiotic free, filler-free, grain-free, natural, wholesome diet? I have been feeding my dog Rebel Raw, made right here in Grant Park and he loves it! His favorites are the venison and duck, but you can also get chicken and beef. It's packaged in individual meals according to your dogs size, which means it's easy to serve and no mess. I like knowing that my dog is getting high-quality food with a smaller footprint (or paw print). Oh, and they deliver! If you've never fed your dog raw, I highly recommend giving it a try. It's great for weight maintenance, healthy teeth and digestion."

    ~ Bunny's Mom
    Chosewood Park

    "This is the best thing you can buy for your dog bar none! Dogs were not meant to eat kibble, and our two rescues do so much better after switching them to a raw diet. Rebel Raw is high quality, conveniently packaged, and the dogs love it! Great service too. Our dogs are visibly healthier, softer, shinier coat and no more red spots from allergies after switching to Rebel Raw. Highly recommend!"

    ~ Bruce and Sadie's Dad
    East Lake

    "Service is fantastic, my orders are always on time and packaged ready to serve. My dog loves every bite and can't wait to eat his Rebel Raw. He's strong, healthy and has a bright shiny coat. I can sleep well at night knowing that my pup eats good and I do mean GOOD."

    ~ Gambit's Dad