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Feeding Calculator for Dogs Based on Calorie Needs

Use this calculator to determine approximately how many kilocalories (kcals) a day your dog should be eating to maintain his or her weight. This is a general guideline for the average amount of kcals to feed per day and should be balanced over time. For example, if the calculator recommends 800 kcals per day for your dog, it’s fine to feed 700 kcals one day, 850 kcals another day, 900 kcals another day, etc.

Many factors influence how many calories your dog needs such as energy and activity level, age, breed, sex, metabolism, etc. Just like people, you might have two dogs who are the same weight and need very different amounts of calories to maintain that weight. A 100 lb very active, young male German Shepherd who lives on a farm, will need many more calories than a 100 lb elderly, female dog who lives in a house and sleeps most of the day.

Our weekly plans are a good place to start when figuring out what the right amount is for your dog. Based on your dog’s weight and the average kcals needed per week to maintain that weight, these plans are calculated taking the specific kcals of the various proteins into account. If your dog is more active you may need to order a plan for a higher weight dog and if your dog is less active, choose a plan for a lower weight dog.

Average kilocalorie need